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Disruptive Technology with Amy Webb

Quantitative futurist Amy Webb dazzled the audience with stories about companies that successfully anticipated and adapted to disruption over and over again. (Did you know that Nintendo got its start creating handmade playing cards in the 1800s — and that it still produces them?)

Webb described how companies can be “pathfinders” by confronting uncertainty using data — and by flexibly recalibrating their strategies when needed.

Resources: Amy Webb’s TravelConnect 2019 Presentation Resources


Jeff Katz on the End-to-End Travel Experience

Journera founder Jeff Katz shared his insights for removing seams between suppliers throughout the traveler’s journey, providing a more streamlined and intuitive experience. He and ARC’s CEO, Mike Premo, discussed how organizations can evolve to deliver enhanced value in a changing landscape.

Channels of Choice: Southwest Airlines

Vice President of Southwest Business Dave Harvey talked about the feedback the airline has received after announcing this summer its decision to expand its corporate travel distribution strategy.

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Executive Interview with United’s Scott Kirby

President of United Airlines, Scott Kirby, shared about his experiences in the travel industry that led to his current leadership role at United. He also discussed his leadership style in building a strong company culture: “It’s my job to create an environment where people feel like they can make decisions, where they can take risks,” Kirby said. “I think it’s one of the reasons why United has been so successful.”

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Economic Outlook from Visa

TravelConnect audience favorite Wayne Best, chief economist for Visa, shared his outlook on the global economy and its impact on travel. According to Best, while the U.S. economy is slowing, the probability of a recession remains low. If we see any kind of business-centric downturn, Best said, it’s likely to look more like 2001 than 2008.


JetBlue Technology Ventures on Startups to Watch

President of JetBlue Technology Ventures, Bonny Simi, shared about the startups they’re investing in to explore AI, IoT, mobility and blockchain technologies. She said travel brands should be focused on distributed ledger technology and machine learning.


Bonny Simi’s TravelConnect 2019 Presentation: Travel Technology Startups and Shake-Ups

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On the Horizon

Closing out the conference, a panel of industry leaders (BCD’s Miriam Moscovici, United Airlines’ Tye Radcliffe, JetBlue Ventures’ Bonny Simi and ARC’s Peter Kane) was moderated by Skift’s Rafat Ali. Their conversations focused on the hottest topics in travel, including sustainability, blockchain, omnichannel retailing and the future of travel journalism.


Distribution Evolved

ARC believes the evolution of distribution as omni-channel, retail shopping and content management. By supporting the full spectrum of airline distribution models with flexible transaction processing workflows, billing and settlement, and outputs that enable airlines and agencies to efficiently manage their partnerships. ARC distribution solutions will enable the future.

Target Marketing Efforts

The Travel Journey

With this interactive, digital experience explore every aspect of the travel journey from trip inspiration to purchasing, day of travel and beyond. See the process as it is today and what tomorrow will bring with groundbreaking initiatives ARC is exploring to create better traveler experiences and improved processes.



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