Holly Hegeman, Founder and Publisher


Holly Hegeman

Holly Hegeman is founder and publisher of PlaneBusiness Banter, the most widely read weekly subscription publication covering operations, labor relations, management strategies, communications and financial analysis of the U.S. airline industry, as well as select international carriers.

Previously a consultant to former AMR president and chairman Robert Crandall, Holly was heavily involved in the coverage of the American Airlines bankruptcy and the airline's subsequent merger with US Airways. Her weekly column AMR Bankruptcy Follies, which ran in PlaneBusiness Banter, was widely regarded as a "must read" for the most thorough take on the merger. Holly is a frequent speaker at both corporate travel and airline financial events, has appeared on news outlets such as PBS NewsHour, CNBC, CNN and NPR, and has been quoted in such publications as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and USA Today.