A Fireside Chat with Mike Premo and Dave Hilfman

A Fireside Chat with Mike Premo and Dave Hilfman
About the Episode

This time last year, ARC's CEO, Mike Premo, announced that he would retire at the end of 2020, and Dave Hilfman was enjoying his first year of retirement from United Airlines.

Neither anticipated 2020 to be such a tumultuous year for travel. Premo worked tirelessly throughout his final year at ARC to help the global travel community navigate the crisis caused by the pandemic, and Hilfman returned from retirement to lead the Global Business Travel Association as its interim executive director.

In this fireside chat, Premo and Hilfman will reflect on 2020, as well as their decades of experience in the travel industry. They will discuss key career milestones and the trends they expect to shape the future of travel. Both will share insights from their careers, as well as guidance for those navigating an uncertain future.