2020 Recap

Episode 1

Back in early June, when the trajectory of air travel sales was still unknown, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) partnered with ARC and 3Victors to release a free dashboard to help the travel industry better understand the pace and shape of recovery. In the first episode of the TravelConnect Virtual Series, Chuck Thackston gave a tour of the TRIP dashboards.

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Episode 2

As travelers began to seek out more detailed information about what their trips would actually look like - from aircraft cleanliness protocols to seating details - The Beat’s Editor-in-Chief, Jay Boehmer, pointed out that tools such as Routehappy’s universal product attributes were increasingly being used to convey important health and safety information in TravelConnect Episode 2.

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Episode 3

In TravelConnect Episode 3, ZS Associates’ Meetings and Travel Manager, Suzanne Boyan; SEA Airport’s Managing Director, Aviation, Lance Lyttle; and Marriott’s Vice President, Sales and Revenue Analysis, Michael Partidge,

each shared the great lengths their respective organizations were taking to ensure traveler safety, from proactive communication to standardization and duty of care.

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Episode 4

In TravelConnect Episode 4, Gemini Advisory’s CEO and Co-Founder, Andrei Barysevich, called ransomware the “number-one threat right now for a business.” He detailed five key ways to prevent ransomware and avoid its costly and devastating impacts.

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Episode 5

In Episode 5, recorded in October, ARC’s Director of Marketing Strategy, Content and Brand, Peter Kane, outlined consumer sentiment trends across the globe. While areas with greater control of the virus showed brighter consumer optimism, travelers still felt hampered by evolving travel restrictions, quarantine guidelines and regional differences.

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Episode 6

For ARC, omnichannel retailing means enabling travelers to buy their airfare anywhere, with the ability to also service it anywhere — whether directly through the airline, or through their TMC or OBT.

ARC’s Peter Kane posed the question:

to Southwest Airlines’ Rob Brown, Senior Director of B2B Strategy and Services, and United Airlines’ Director of Distribution, Tye Radcliffe. Both shared their airlines’ strategies for creating positive relationships with, and seamless experiences for, customers across all sales channels. This episode is full of valuable omnichannel insights from both panelists, but for another great moment, listen to the end of the episode to hear about Brown’s and Radcliffe’s post-pandemic travel plans.

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Episode 7

At the end of the December episode, Peter Kane asks Premo and Hilfman what piece of advice they would give to someone early-to mid-career in the travel industry. Their responses:

Be brave. Take chances. Don’t play it safe.

Be willing to take on the tasks that nobody wants to do. You’ll have to do some extra work, but it will pay off handsomely later.

Listen carefully -- to your fellow employees, your teams, your customers.

Be kind, be gracious, and be sincere.

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