2018 Presentations

2018 Breakout Presentations

Applying Blockchain to Air Travel

Blockchain is much more than a buzzword. Hear from a panel of travel industry leaders actively exploring the application of Blockchain to air travel partnerships — and discover how Blockchain technology could revolutionize transaction management, payments, security and more.

Paul Barber, Managing Director, Product Architecture, ARC
Brook Armstrong, Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder, Blockskye
Kieren James-Lubin, President and Chief Executive Officer, BlockApps

Balancing Fares and Friction

Just how expensive is it for companies to take care of road warriors? In this interactive session, two of the most respected voices in the industry will illuminate insights on road warrior health, evolving traveler expectations and pricing trends.

Scott Gillespie, Head of Analytics, ARC
Chuck Thackston, Managing Director, Data Science and Research, ARC

The Latest in Debit Memos

Get the latest updates from the Debit Memo Working Group’s October meeting, and catch up on trends in debit memos, chargebacks and best practices.

Paige Blunt, Manager, Industry Relationships, ARC
Hope Harper, Manager, Revenue Recovery, Delta Air Lines
Shannon Keever, Debit Memo Analyst, Reconciler, Altour

How ARC is Transforming Settlement

ARC is committed to creating an environment of flexibility, clarity and efficiency for the global air travel community. In order to support a wide variety of distribution methods, including NDC, ARC has embarked on a total transformation of its technology and processes. See how ARC is making this transformation a reality, and what the future of settlement looks like.

Doug Mangold, Vice President, Product, ARC

NDC Exchange

Hear from ATPCO and ARC about the NDC Exchange, which will enable the efficient and simplified transfer of information among organizations that may be operating on different standards and versions of NDC.

Bryan Trauger, Product Manager, Data Platform and NDC Services, ATPCO
Mark Kosikowski, Manager, Commercial Distribution, Air Canada
Rich Miller, General Manager North America, Serko Ltd.
Chuck Fischer, Managing Director, Payment Strategy & Industry Relations, ARC

ONE Order Explained

ONE Order has the potential to revolutionize the travel buying experience — and it opens up an array of customization and merchandising opportunities for airlines and other suppliers. Learn what you need to know about ONE Order and how it can expand your offerings for customers.

Sebastien Touraine, Head of ONE Order Program, IATA
Lucianne Leighton, Managing Director, Settlement Products, ARC