Amos Khim, Managing Director, United Airlines


Amos Khim

In January 2017, Amos Khim was announced as managing director, sales strategy, analytics and programs. Those responsibilities include managing corporate sales programs, agency programs and small business products, JV sales activities, and sales channel strategy.

Prior to his new role, Amos managed the distribution channel strategy and specialty sales for United Airlines, responsible for managing the commercial agreements and operations with global distribution systems (GDSs), online travel agencies (OTAs), metasearch firms, consolidators, government, and small and medium enterprises. He led the development of solutions for selling United’s ancillary products through the indirect channel, and identified new opportunities to bridge the gap between direct and indirect distribution.

In his 22 years with United and Continental Airlines, Amos previously managed domestic and Latin revenue management; led enterprise revenue forecasting; and worked in the alliance and sales teams. He serves on the board of ARC and IATA’s Passenger Distribution Group, and he is active in NDC and other industry initiatives to advance the state of travel distribution.

Amos earned an MBA and M.S. from Northwestern University and an undergraduate engineering degree from MIT. Amos also worked as a product engineer with Ford Motor Company designing electrical and electronic systems for automobiles.

Amos lives in Chicago with his wife and daughter. Like many airline employees, Amos enjoys traveling to destinations exotic and common. When at home, he enjoys cooking and exploring his home city.